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All our material is produced to RNIB guidelines to increase the accessibility of the document for as wide a range of people as possible


We have over two decades experience in providing Alternative Media.


We can help you with all your Braille, accessibility solutions.


Please contact us to discuss your options

Contact Us

Our Braille Printing Service includes the adaptations required for transcribing from print to Braille, together with a comprehensive list of contents.

Completed documents are comb bound with printed covers. This not only gives a professional finish, but also allows the braille reader to open the book flat for easy access to the text.

A typical Braille transcription of your document would include;    

  • Adapting the document to ensure that as much of visual aspect of the original is carried through to the Braille version.   
  • Transcribe a master version.    
  • Produce & cross-reference contents to reflect new Braille version of document.    
  • Proof-check Braille to ensure accuracy and user friendly layout.
  • Printed title and Braille title on a white cover.    
  • Comb binding multi-page documents with front and back cover.  

We also supply

  • Braille self-adhesive labels which can be used on business
    cards, literature or on packaging. more…

  • Maps and simple diagrams produced in a “tactile format,” so

that the Braille reader can get close to the original. more…

High Quality Braille Printing every time…

We can provide Braille versions, also known as Braille printing or a Braille transcription, of virtually any of your printed documents.

Braille document with comb binding